Belaying Instruction

Instruction on how to safely toprope is offered in our "belay instruction class". You must be 15 years of age or older to belay for someone. Please note: toprope climbing requires two people to participate. This class is offered at certain times. Simply arrive 10 minutes before the start of a class time to register yourself in the class.  Be on time! We do our best to begin the class on time. To toprope climb, rent equipment and obtain instruction is $37. For info on your first visit, click here to obtain the needed information

Belay Instruction Times:

Sunday     Monday     Tuesday     Wednesday     Thursday     Friday     Saturday

12noon     2PM          2PM               2PM               2PM           2PM          10AM

2PM          4PM          4PM               4PM               4PM           4PM          12noon

4PM          6PM          6PM               6PM               6PM           6PM            2PM

6PM                                                                                                           4PM