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Belaying Instruction

Instruction on how to safely toprope is offered in our "belay instruction class". You must be 15 years of age or older to belay for someone. Please note: toprope climbing requires two people to participate. This class is offered at certain times. Simply arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the start of a class time to register yourself in the class.  Be on time! We do our best to begin the class on time. If you are late and the class has begun, you'll have to wait for the next instruction time or boulder climb.  To toprope climb, rent equipment and obtain instruction is $37. For info on your first visit, click here to obtain the needed information

Belay Instruction Times:

Sunday     Monday     Tuesday     Wednesday     Thursday     Friday     Saturday

12noon     2PM          2PM               2PM               2PM           2PM          10AM

2PM          4PM          4PM               4PM               4PM           4PM          12noon

4PM          6PM          6PM               6PM               6PM           6PM            2PM

6PM                                                                                                           4PM


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