Climbnasium offers two disciplines to choose from in the facility. Bouldering and Top Roping, both are suitable for first time climbers and advanced. 


Bouldering is unroped climbing up to 14 feet.  This is a great way to hone the skills of climbing and has become the fastest growing form of rock climbing. We have padded flooring as well as “crash pads” to help cushion falls and prevent injury. There is no lesson needed to come try out bouldering. Simply fill out the waiver, walk through the door and we'll get you on the boulder walls!


Bouldering Package

Package includes shoe and chalk bag rentals. 


Toprope climbing refers to climbing on our roped climbing walls up to 40 feet. This type of climbing requires two people. One person to climb and the other to belay (hold the ropes). All new toprope climbers are required to take our belay lesson or pass our belay test.


Top Rope Package 

Package includes all rentals and instruction. 


1. Complete waiver

For minors only the Parent or Court Appointed Legal Guardian may sign the waiver. If bringing minors that are not your children, have the parent of the child complete the wavier online. 

2. who can do what?

Belayers must be 15 years of age or older. If you are an adult coming with minors, you will need the belay lesson and will be belaying for the minors. If you plan on just bouldering, you do not need the belay class as there are no ropes involved in bouldering. Climbers can be any age but 8 and older is recommended. 

3. When is belay instruction offered?

Belay instruction is offered at the following times:

Monday through Friday:  2PM and 6PM

Saturdays: 10AM, 12noon, 2PM, 4PM and 6PM

Sundays: 12noon, 2PM 4PM and 6PM

4. Reserve your times

1. Click reservation link above this text. 

2. Create an account.

3. Click the Facility Use tab

4. Click the times you wish to be at the facility. You may sign up for more than one hour. New climbers should schedule for at least two. 

5. IF you plan on toproping and you need belay instruction, click the hour slot labeled belay instruction. Otherwise, click the hour slots labeled Gym Use. 

5. Arrive on time, 10 minutes early if getting belay training

Other folks could be waiting to begin the instruction at the time scheduled. BE cool, Be on time. 

6. Learn

An instructor will go over all the needed skills for you to climb safely in the facility.  

7. climb!