Can any age climb? Yes. However, we recommend 8 and up.


How do I get started, it's my first time? All the info to get started can be found on our First Visit page.  

Can any age belay? No. Belayers must be 15 years of age or older to belay.

Do I need a reservation? Reservations are only required for "groups". Walk-ins are welcome anytime. If you are new and plan on using the ropes (toproping) please follow the directions found here as belay instruction is offered at certain times. 

Does everyone need a waiver? Yes, and for minors only Parent or Court Appointed Legal Guardian may sign.

Is there a weight limit? There is not. As long as you can fit into a harness, you can climb. 

What is belaying? Belaying is the term used to do the rope management for the climbers. In basic terms, taking out the slack, catching the climber and lowering them back to the ground. 

What is Toprope climbing? This is climbing with a rope that is attached at the top of the wall. A climber is tied to one end and a belayer is on the other end. Top rope climbing requires two people. 

What is Bouldering? Bouldering refers to climbing on our shorter walls that go up to 14ft. There are additional pads to help cushion a climbers fall. Bouldering is a great way to learn climbing movement and offers a great challenge. 

Do you have gift cards? We do. Stop in or call to pick one up. Gifts are for any dollar amount you choose, not for any specific service. 

Can I learn to belay at anytime? Please see our "belay instruction times" here

What hours is Climbnasium open ? Monday through Friday 1PM - 9PM

                                                 Saturdays 9AM - 10PM

                                                  Sundays 12noon - 8PM